Avoid Gambling Scams

Irregularities in gambling were not as noticed as they were until the internet was born. Although made for the ease and convenience of players, it has been abused and has left online gambling being the ways and means by which some unscrupulous people ply their trade.

Internet scams and frauds may include the wishes of a gaming company to not give the payouts on time or stipulating new rules on the fly. Some scams would not even let players withdraw the remaining funds they have left and force them into depositing more so that they can do so.

One way to keep away from such incidents is to be aware of what they are and how they operate. By being on the lookout, players can now easily tell or have gained enough experience to avoid being duped.

Beware of Illegitimate Bonuses

Some players have received in the their email or through other means that they have somehow gotten word that one has been scammed and would offer a large bonus if they decided to shift to their casino instead. This may seem like a heaven sent for those who are trying to get out of such trap only to find out later on that both companies are one and the same.

They just take ones old service data then import it into a new hacked system which spams then infect the users system with "new" offers and prey on other victims. Some people call this the 'recycling scam' wherein the data of one person is re-hashed and then approached as a new casino or rival casino. The ploy of being a rival casino often works since the player believe that they can do a better job than the previous one.

To avoid the scan, players are advised not to read and reply to the website hat promise more money for whatever reason.


This method is the opposite o the recycling scam. In this case, the scammers have actually placed a fake or bugs that they claim has additional money. They pose as a legitimate casino while taking in new people who are curious of the service they provide.

Players can check the legitimacy of the website by going to a link on their page, if they have it. It would lead to a legitimate governing site that would show whether or not the website is registered.

Concerned parties can also check the website of the IGC (Interactive Gaming Council). Players must be aware that logos of the IGC on a website does not mean it is real for any banner or logo can be taken out and misused without anyone knowing.

Players should exhaust every means they can to satisfy their curiosity. Casinos, both online and live, are definitely here to stay.