Why Women Gamble

Women enjoy gambling as much as men. It is a statement that continues to surprise many people. As women today are becoming more financially independent and are slowly gaining control in their personal lives, gambling is an activity that many enjoy without the guilt.

Gambling is an activity that women prefer to do alone, with their partners, or fellow girlfriends. They view gambling as a single fulfilling event rather that bits of episodes thrown together. They view gambling as an overall experience. Men have the tendency to separate their gambling pastime from other activities like sports or simply hanging around with old friends. Women take into account the moment they stepped into the casino and its surroundings. They would mention the ambiance of the area, the sights they saw and mention a thing or two about winning or losing money.

What Women Play

When women visit the casino, chances are that they would head to the slot machines first before any other game. Although there are women who enjoy card games more than others, slot machines are the ideal choice for many women gamblers. Using the slot machines is mostly based on skill preference because slots machines are very easy to use. Slot machines have also been used by women at times as an escape mechanism from everyday life and problems.

What Women Do

Women view casino trips or visits as a full vacation and not as an overnight trip or outing. It has been noted that women comprise most of the viewing audience in live Broadway orchestrated shows in casinos and tend to participate more in other activities other than directly gambling. Women who visit the Las Vegas strip usually go through all the area has to offer like spa treatments, going to a full service beauty salon, visiting landmarks and other famous locations, sampling the local eateries and perhaps a little celebrity searching.

Just To Have A Good Time

Women in general see gambling and the events around it as a way to release pent up frustrations and just want to enjoy themselves without being judged or biased. A woman who wins a bit of extra money from a casino trip is no big deal. Whether the woman wins or loses, its the experience that makes it all worthwhile. This is why many men fail to understand the reason why women make a big deal or fuss over casino visits. Men simply view it as a way to make extra money and nothing else.