Keeping Ones Bankroll In Control

This is the most important aspect of any gamblers life. And the biggest key to long term success. Or in a lot of cases, the key to minimizing the negative cash flow. Like most everyone who's gambled a lot, I've had to learn all my money management the hard way. And usually in doing so have ignored good advice from more experienced people, and ignoring my own rules and the voice inside me saying "don't do it". Here's a list of some of the mistakes I've made. And more than once.

Casino gambling is viewed by some people as a long term goal, not a short term one. Any gambler know that ones bankroll is the key to maintaining a long playing time in the casino. For devoted players, one of the best things that could be done is to open a bank account just for gambling.

Setting up a bank account and religiously maintaining it is a vital way to make sure that money devoted to other living expenses are not diverted in ones gambling hobby. By being serious about managing ones money, players can dramatically cut down on various money mismanagement errors.

Frequent Spending Gambling can get to be extremely intoxicating and can dull ones senses when it comes to money. The player tends to spend more money with intending to and this could lead to more problems. While this initially may be overcome, prolonged use may turn it into a financial burden. The solution to this dilemma is to physically place all forms of loose cash like credit cards, debit cards in areas that would make it hard for the player to reach. This would make the players able to access cash needed only for playing. Another option is to keep cash and cards locked in the car before proceeding inside the casino.

Avoid lavish Spending Players are advised to keep ones winnings and immediately deposit them or place them immediately aside in the gambling account. People who win tend to spend their winnings carelessly and end up with a depleted amount. People who win the jackpot seem to think that their winnings would last forever and they immediately begin to celebrate their win by spending more money. Players have been known to proceed to the nearest bar and spend an enormous amount on expensive food and drinks. What seems like a huge win is eventually whittled down to a small pittance.

Bring a friend One good alterative to use if a player simply cannot seem to control their gambling habit is to bring a concerned friend or spouse and let them physically take hold of a part of the winnings and bring it home with them. This method is more of a preventive step wherein a physical person is to check the players habit. The companion may also offer advise or counseling when they see the player betting too fast and too hard.

Bring out the money Players who are in the habit of pulling out money at a moments notice are players that do not have a set amount to be played at a game table. The 'pullout' habit is a bad trait for it does not involve checking of ones finances before making the next bet. An ideal way to fix this is when a player goes to a table, they must take out the entire amount of money to be spent at that game or table only. This way, when the money runs out, the player can take a break or decide their next move.

Gambling can be an enjoyable experience but it begins to become a financial burden when players can no longer contain or manage their bankrolls.